As a lean, family-owned and family-focused company our goal is to give you an easy, fast land buying/selling experience. 

Our entrepreneurial story starts in 2003 when I became a nineteen year old, single Dad. My greatest motivation was to spend as much time with my son, Jordan, as possible. So I quit my job and started a business in a effort to be Jordan’s daycare provider. I didn’t become an entrepreneur because I had a grand vision or a big idea, I just wanted to be with my son and that’s what I did. I was Daddy Daycare for the majority of my time and I started selling healthcare products on the side.

With no money and a lot of time, I began seeking out successful people, asking them for a conversation and interviewing them about how they became successful. I interviewed hundreds of people in my local area, found them at events, and traveled across the country in order to learn from experts. Rather than going to business school, I learned from successful people and acted on their advice.

As my business development and sales expertise grew, both large and small companies started to have me train their sales teams. Next, I decided to write my first book in order to establish authority, generate leads and increase my credibility. I had one problem though: I didn’t know how to write or publish a book.

I started by creating a robust outline for my book in a way that made writing easy for me. I then found a printer and asked him for advice on publishing. This lead me to my first published book No Limit Living: How to Think Big, Act Bold and Live with Purpose. A terribly written book that was downloaded in over twenty countries and made my business explode. I published a wildly imperfect book, but it was the very best book I could produce at the time, and it changed my life. I wanted to do this for other people.

My business was lean, mean, and aggressive, with little emphasis on experience or anything other than what produced big, fast results. Over the past twelve years, my companies have published an average of one book every two weeks. We got results, but something was missing.  I personally have published over 12 books.

When my wife, Brooke, joined the business in 2016, she added the heart and customer experience that the company needed. Her relentless focus on customer experience, her servant heart, and process development has taken our company to the next level.

Today, we are a focused, soulful family-owned business, with a strong internal leadership team that has a mission to help people and books come alive. Brooke and I have built multiple national businesses.  Throne Publishing Group is our 12-year old publishing company; StoryWay which is a certification and training company for writers and Legacy Acres, LLC, a land investment company.

We live and die by our convictions.  Values are what’s important and convictions are what you sacrifice for.  Here are the convictions by which we make all our decisions and how we build our family and business:  Truth and Honor. 

Our goal is to live out our convictions and help people win. We invite you to learn our products, services, and experiences. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we hope to hear from you!




Jeremy D. Brown and the Legacy Acres Team